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To the one I thought was the one:

Because of you, I could never trust someone again. This is the second time you have broke my heart and I don’t want to even waste a breath speaking to you. You KNOW how sensitive I am. You KNOW how much I love and care for you. You KNOW that you are tearing my life apart little by little. The fact that I accept you for who you are, and you don’t accept me breaks my heart, despite all of the hardships I faced with you. Honestly, the only person you could thank for being apart from me is yourself, your choice of drug use, and your unfaithfulness.

Goodbye to the one I thought was the one for me.

"The best smell in the world is that man that you love."

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Something that I and other people deal with. All I can do is ask for forgiveness and try harder to not let my problems make relationships unbearable to be with.

reblogging again because it’s painfully relevant.

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Its simply amazing how one human being, can forever alter your consciousness.