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Breaking up with you sucked, and at the same time it felt like a relief. you were like a drug, and iv’e finally found my end of the addiction

Together or not, I still love you. It fucking sucks. But we both knew it was coming.








theplaceinsidetheblizzard Up your kiai game, gurl.

She could fuck me up. She could fuck you up. She could fuck anyone up.

I have no doubt in my mind this child could beat my ass.

Rare footage of young makoto from street fighter in training.

I have never been afraid of 7 year old till now. She got them moves.

I wonder what she’s going to do during her first heartbeak

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Can you just change for the better?

I honestly wish i would have ended things before it was too late. You have changed for the worst, and i cant even look at you straight in the eyes anymore. I’ve always hoped for a change, but I realized last night it wouldn’t come.